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Urban spaces such as squares, courtyards or pedestrian paths can once again be a meeting place for young people. Young people can organize activities and micro events that also involve citizens.
The YUA project is experimenting, together with some European organizations, new ways of meeting, inclusive, fun to meet with others over and above the differences.

Nero Giallo Semplice Moderno Aziendale C

Training event for Staff

The hosting organization was Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria (AYPB)- a nonprofit organization designed to help young people and future professionals in social, educational and health fields. The organization provides individual and group psychological counseling and psychotherapy for persons of all groups.




Design Training for new solution for  active youth: 6th - 11th June  2022

Makeathon is a creative, cross-campus competition which accelerates innovative ideas into physical and digital prototypes that promote positive social impact.

Participants form Europe country diverse teams of 3-5 members who compete in one track: ideations youth active actions in urban product development. 




Event: Urban Action: 9Th September 2022

The YOUTH URBAN ACTION redefine, therefore, inclusive urban places not only form the urban point of view but also for aggregation.


Relocated the relationship to the center and socialization opportunities that overcome the obstacles of intrusiveness, invisibility and obstacles of intrusiveness, invisibility and hostility, thanks to guided experiences.Merit of an education in social life that includes diversity in one's own experience.


Project Management

We start the project actions

Italy: 30Th - 2Th July 2021

The first meeting of the Erasmus Plus YUA project has started. A project dedicated to younger generations and the possibility of becoming active, within urban spaces, by organizing inclusive events. All the partner leaders from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania were present. Start of work for the exchange of good practices of active citizenship and inclusion.


Metting Lubljana: 9Th - 10Th Octobert 2021

Association of Students with Disabilities of Slovenia aims to improve the study conditions and the quality of life of students with special needs, we also participate in projects with various institutions and organizations also at European level.


Project event planning

Meeting in Barcelona: 23Th - 25Th June 2022

GESEME is a 24 years old Spanish organization in medicine, health, safety prevention and physiotherapy, sports, training, with a special interest in the social welfare and health of the people, by providing resources and means for the development of healthy lifestyles, sporting and social activities, conducting Vocational Educational Trainings for people from different sectors of activity.


Last meeting - output

Meeting in Vilnius, the output implementation:

6Th - 8Th October 2022

Active Youth is a Lithuania-based for-purpose organization that unites young leaders,thinkers, and doers, those who seek change and those who make a change.

Association creates opportunities for youth and sustainable positive impact in the way we
treat our planet, health, vulnerable people & online community. It organizes youth exchanges and training courses, has online courses for NGOs, and is always at the forefront by fighting for inclusive and sustainable communities locally and internationally.


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