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A week full of emotion -Antonina Atanasova

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A week full of emotions, sharing, inclusion, inspiration and affection. Those are my 5 words to describe that the amazing experience as a participant in the Youth Urban action project in Slovenia in the period 5 June-11 June.

Before coming here I did not know what should I even expect, I knew the theme would be theater and dancing as a tool for social inclusion and that was enoug to take the decision that i need to participate.

And the first person I though about I should take with me was Ivan Tsvetanov manages a theater formation that involve actors with different special needs. So there comes how the group was formed. The travel started with some challenges related to the pretty underdeveloped accessible infrastructure in

Bulgaria. Through our travel to Bologna we experienced so many contrast emotions- from being thankful, and comfortable, through feeling anger and helplessness. When we arrived at Bologna, and we met our hosts, the rest part of our travel continued pretty comfortable and full of fun and nice emotions. And On

Sunday late afternoon we finally arrived in Ars Viva Hostel in Slovenia, and it was WOW. The heaven for

wheelchair users- an infrastructure that is fully accessible, fresh air, nice views, and food so tasty and....

last but not least awesome group and facilitators.

The program was really innovative, good contrast and balance between body and mental. It all started with getting to know each other, ourself and the relations between us. We were introduced to Urban

Actions, the Design thinking and how to use our bodies to create art performance, to communicate

messages through it. In the beginning all the work with the body with Ana was so out of my comfort zone,

but the environment was feeling so safe and secure, so it was a pleasure to participate, to create connections with people, to work together on the topics of the program and create Urban act together to promote inclusion. The whole week, we were working in so inclusive environment that it felt so natural the whole experience, and I dreamed that this is the normal way people should accept each other without

prejudice and judging in everyday life, with open heart, with affection, with love towards people.

I really am hopeful about humanity when i meet such people like the ones I met here on the YUA project.

The experience made me think and perceive the world with different eyes, with less prejudice and stereotypes, with more acceptance towards me and the world. We are all in this together!!! Thanks to everyone to be so honest, open, accepting, and warm so we can all create that incredible experience.

Special Thanks to Miriam Trolese and Michele Maistrelli from Creativi108 for being so patient and professional to create and facilitate that amazing program, to Anna, Jacopo, Francesca and Carlo, who enriched the programme with their creativity, passion for dancing and open hearts, and also professionality

. Thanks everyone and hope to see you again, you amazing people!!!❤ A lot love for you!!!

By Antonina Atanasova

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