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‘Urban Solutions’ research

This ‘Urban Solutions’ research publication is aimed at all of the stakeholders above. It gives a detailed snapshot of the issues young people face in urban areas across Europe. More importantly, it celebrates their energy, talent and enthusiasm and considers ways in which we can more support more young people to reach their potential. We hope it inspires all stakeholders to set up or reinforce urban actions for the benefit of young people and the urban communities they live in.

The SALTO Inclusion Urban Strategy ( sets out to address some of the big issues young people face in urban areas across Europe. This research at the basis of the strategy, captures the reality on the ground, which varies from country to country, and from city to city. In this chapter, we discuss the main themes, drawing upon various sources and from a range of relevant stakeholders including young people; youth workers; other service providers (local authorities, educators, the police) and funders.

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