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Meeting in Varna and experience....

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

There was a youth worker training in Varna, Bulgari from 16 Th till 21st August

2021 which is part of the Youth Urban Action Erasmus+ project. Me, my co-

worker Alenka and my two assistants Vid and Jasmin attended the training. Our

flights and my experience at the airports were very interesting. All from flight

delays, running and driving forwards and backwards, air assistants carrying me

around … The main point is we met amazing people, organizations and their

good practices. Other participants were from Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Spain

and Slovenia. We were getting to know each other’s organizations, how we

work in the field of youth and how we could implement these practices on

global scale in field of urban youth actions with people who have different

difficulties and obstacles in life. In addition to hard work we were also

discovering Varna and its beautiful beaches. One anecdote from our visit to

Varna is that I got stuck in stair elevator.

The first day it was working normally,

but on the second it stopped when I was some stairs from the bottom. My

assistants were shocked. I stayed calm cause this wasn’t the first time I got

stuck in this kind of situation – I got stuck in few elevators all around the world

before. We called some numbers but nobody was answering. In the end, with

the help of the hotel staff, where we were staying, we got the repair service on

the line and they sent a mechanic. He was trying to repair the elevator for two

hours but no luck. In the end they lifted me up and carried me down. Not such

an easy job for a 120 kilos wheelchair and me in it. It was a little scary, but the

guys managed it and we were back on our way towards the beach. The trip was

amazing. In the end we also visited the retro museum - some memories of old

times. Everybody who is reading this blog, I am inviting you to grab your chance

and to enroll in Erasmus projects, because you will get a lot of new knowledge,

develop your skills, meet new people and have great time.

#Erasmus+ #YUA

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