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How to involve stakeholders in a Urban event

Urban spaces often require permits to be requested from the municipality. It would be advisable to interface with the office in charge if you want to occupy a square with a stand or hold an event.

Each municipality has its own rules, it is advisable to contact the competent office and inquire.To involve as many young people as possible it would be good use a useful tool and do a targeted search.

Which target group has an interest in the urban action you want to do?

The research can be carried out through an excel tool: Stakeholder analysis.

What are the steps to complete it?

1-choose the target you want to involve;

2- collect data (email-phone, number and website);

3- choose the contact channel;

4- proceed with contact;

5-draw up contact reports;

6-involve partners in the actions of your project.

The tool will allow you to monitor the responses to contacts and work in a group by quickly knowing the responses of the stakeholders contacted.

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