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Urban Action in Barcelona: historical and social suggestions

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The activities of the YUA project ended with an Urban Action in Barcelona in September 2022 with a Corpo Poetico® workshop, a method created by the activist artist Anna Albertarelli. The full video is available on the website's outputs page. She shared with us some elements of her iconographic pedagogy used during her residency in Barcelona.

here a fragment of the entire video that can be viewed on the page http//

The evocative historical suggestions supported the group in their creative imagery composed of an artistic poetic. Historical and social or political suggestions were used. An evocative suggestion that solicits an unconscious component.

Since the participants in the activities were not united by a single mother tongue, because they came from different EU countries. The use of images facilitated a clear understanding of the meanings on which the creative process was applied.


The Fourth Estate: symbol of workers' rights of the twentieth century.

The group of young people drew on this image as a creative suggestion. A group of people in the demonstration advancing with screams, whistles etc. A mass of people who symbolically represented a much larger and more distinct "Social Body".


Freedom leading the people: it depicts a crowd of rioters advancing, led by a woman waving the French flag aloft. This woman is the personification of France, it is Marianne (the allegory of the French Republic) who becomes the personification of Freedom. She who unites all classes to win against the oppressor (historically Charles X). Freedom leads the people.


13th attempt to break the Gaza blockade by sea (2018)

The photo A'ed Abu Amro, the 20-year-old Palestinian immortalized shirtless during the clashes in Gaza for the Israeli naval blockade, on 22 October 2018. Immortalized by Mustafa Hassona a Turkish photographer. Image that has gone viral in international social media. Many have noticed the similarity between this photo and "Freedom Leading the People", the painting by Delacroix, quoted above.

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